Objective, structure and culture reinforce one another in a healthy company or organisation. This interplay of forces is shaped by the employees. They need to have the right knowledge, skills and attitude to realise their own objectives, as well as the organisation’s objectives.

Examples of our activities are:
We are responsible for all skills training at the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers.
Management development and training programmes for various organisations and companies, including Amsterdam-Amstelland Police Force, KLM, MCFE, various local councils, Deloitte, Accon-AVM and Ernst & Young.
International and national training ‘Managing change’ for KLM managers and project managers.
Training ‘Coping with Change’ for employees of various large manufacturing companies.
Training ‘Conflict management and dealing with conflicts’.
Training ‘The selling opportunity in consultations’.
Training ‘Flexibility and work enjoyment’ aimed at older employees.
Training ‘Leading by authority’.