Examples of our activities are:
Coaching, organising and project-managing a large-scale change management project at KLM’s technical service.
Coaching several development and change management projects at KLM (including Revenue Management and Security Services)
Coaching various offices and teams at Deloitte to grow and develop.
Supporting various organisations in the business services sector in growth and positioning.
Coaching the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs) and writing their three-yearly strategy document.
Coaching Mayors and Aldermen and municipal management teams on prioritising and cooperation.
Supporting the repositioning of ING-hypotheken (mortgages department at ING bank).
Coaching and project management: approach to habitual drug offenders for Amsterdam Council.
Coaching and strategic project management of approach to young offenders in Amsterdam West.
Coaching of a manufacturing company during work reduction.